SSSA, thanks to relevant European projects, has contributed to the improvement of wheat and barley varieties in Ethiopia and subsistence agriculture in Malawi and Mozambique. In addition, projects on legume cultivation in Mediterranean Africa, varietal development in the Horn of Africa have made it possible to characterize over 12,000 cereal genotypes, from which new more resilient and productive varieties are developed and distributed.

More than 1,200 subsistence farmers in Ethiopia have been reached by new varieties developed under SSSA projects. This line of action also includes the projects that SSSA is carrying out with the funding of Italian companies for the definition of climate change adaptation strategies in Ghana, including the socio-environmental costs of inaction.

A project is dedicated to the promotion of the use of geothermal energy by rural communities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Djibouti, with the support of the European Union. SSSA is also carrying out research on the need for a human rights-based and conflict-sensitive approach to climate change and climate action in Africa.


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