SSSA has long-standing experience in substantive and applied research on conflict prevention, management and resolution in Africa, which has led to important publications. Since 1995, SSSA has organized over 100 capacity-building courses for the benefit of senior officials from African countries and civilian personnel in international peace operations on topics such as human rights, elections, good governance, community stabilization, conflict management and resolution, crisis management, and anti-terrorism. Beneficiary countries include Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Niger, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan and Zambia.

SSSA has also more than a decade of ethnographic research experience in political and security dynamics particularly in North Africa and the Sahel, including transnational and sub-national drivers of formation and transformation of African states, and in particular the impacts of EU policies in stabilization and crisis management spheres.

SSSA research has also focused on one hand, on drivers of radicalization and mobilization in non-state (jihadist) armed groups and on the other, on policies to prevent and counter violent extremism. The research has also focused on transnational organized crime, migration flows across Africa and EU borders, as well as on multi-level governance of climate change and conflict and protection vis-à-vis natural resources, including their complex interactions with security and securitization dynamics.


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